Arthritis In Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers, Prone to Joint Pain

Dogs, humans and old age all have something in common concerning health issues. That issue is arthritis and it affects all of the above. In Golden Retrievers, seem to be a common problem because of the range and size of that particular breed of dog. Most large sized dogs, such as the Retrievers, experience this problem and once recognized, preventive measures can be taken to relieve the pain. Understand that arthritis affects most large dogs such as German shepherds and Rottweilers as well. It’s not like certain dogs are singled out for this disease but regular veterinarian checkups and proper diet can help alleviate the pain associated with it.

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that is painful even to look at. Monitoring your dog closely and noticing symptoms that reflect is important to follow. Understand that there is no 100% cure for relieving bone deterioration in any breed. But given enough time and caught early enough, the pain associated can be almost eliminated. This requires watching your dog closely for symptoms of this disease. This can include but not limited to limping, stiffness in walking or running or just not as energetic as it should be. Knowing that the attitude of the dog may be affected is another sure sign that something is wrong.

All canines carry a personality and knowing that will be the tip-off that something is wrong and a trip to the veterinarian is in short order. Yelping when they are touched at certain spots on their body also is a sign the disease s is setting in.

There will probably be supplements that will be suggested to ease the pain and to strengthen the immune system. Those supplements happen to be the same type that humans should have. They are glucosamine, vitamin C, D and omega-3 oils. If the condition has gotten to a level that has been undiagnosed for a while then pain killers may be prescribed to ease the pain. In a lot of cases, this shouldn’t have happened. Keeping check on the pup’s health can help prevent severe cases of arthritis. This includes a diet to maintain his weight. Overweight animals put a lot of pressure on their legs unnecessarily. The older they get, the slower the metabolism it has.

Preventing Arthritis in Canines

That’s why exercise is one of the most important aspects to keep your companion healthy and pain free. Exercising on a daily basis keeps the body flexible and healthy. It also keeps them happy and anticipating a day of running around. Keeping the animal healthy with exercise and maintaining their weight sometimes doesn’t offset the disease of joint pain all the time.

There are certain herbs that can be tried to help relieve certain symptoms; these can be used in moderation and as prescribed by the vendor. They are Boswellia which is an herb that comes from trees in India. This is an anti-inflammatory herb that will help relieve the swelling. Garlic is another herb that has healing properties that strengthens the immune system and promotes the growth of cells to combat diseases. Other herbs such as turmeric, Alfalfa, and Yucca Root all can be incorporated into a meal plan to insure that they receive as much herbal treatments as possible.

Arthritis in Golden Retrievers may not be eliminated altogether but certainly the pain associated with it can be diminished with proper prevention techniques and an herbal treatment plan. Being proactive in identifying health symptoms in your dog will go a long ways for a happy and healthy life. Don’t take anything for granted and care for your other half as much as possible.


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